Perfecting the Mirror Selfie

Perfecting the Mirror Selfie

Ashley Ryckman17 comments

We’ve noticed something here at ACB. Our gorgeous customers are constantly apologizing for their selfie game. Well, apologize no more, ladies! We love that you feel amazing in your new Chic clothing, and we want you to see how good you look, too! Nothing is better than seeing pics of you all loving and rocking your new clothing and accessories. In fact, we want more! So to boost your confidence, here are 6 quick tips to a perfect mirror selfie!

1. Practice First

When you look so good the rest of the world needs to see it, or maybe you just want to show the Ashley’s Chic VIP’s, it’s best to get a little practice in before you grab your phone. We all know that photos can sometimes capture us with less than flattering results. Try out some of the below techniques and you’re sure to look as good as you feel.



2. Phone Position 


For mirror selfies, it’s all about showing off how good you look and feel in your clothes, so it’s ok to cover up some or all of your face to get the best angle, or if you’re just feeling a bit shy. But most of the time the best position is just off to one side between your chin and shoulder. This gives you full control over your phone and angles without risking those double chins or gravity defying Pilates moves you’d need to see yourself head to toe. I think this is where I have to give a shameless plug for a Pop Socket or phone ring. But seriously, I wouldn't go without one ever. If you have smaller hands, like me, these things are amazing! I don't drop my phone like I used to and they come in such super cute colors. 


3. Smizing


Again, the mirror selfie usually means you want to show off the look and that’s what everyone will mostly focus on. But what should you do with your face? A full on smile can feel awkward in a mirror selfie. But no smile can make you look miserable. On top of that, where do you look? At the mirror? Your phone screen? It’s a lot, I know.

Smizing is the perfect happy medium. A closed lip smile or slight smirk that reaches your eyes - that’s smizing (smiling with your eyes). Just try thinking about how gorgeous you feel in your outfit and it will show on your whole face. Keeping your eyes on your phone to capture the perfect angle is totally normal. But play around with a few shots while looking at the mirror or up and away for fun. You might love the sassier result it creates. 


4. Hand on the Hip                                  


For a slimmer look, this is a quick and easy trick! Practice placing one hand on your hip or just below your rib cage. Spread your fingers apart and grip your waist lightly. This gives the illusion of a slimmer waist without the belt. Pair this with the knee bend and angled toe point for a super flattering selfie.


5. Bend the Knee, Point and Turn

A must for any photo is the knee bend. (This is a close cousin to the bend and snap. Any Legally Blonde fans out there?) Anyway, stiff, straight legs make you look boxy in a 2D image. Try slightly bending your knee and lifting your heel an inch or two off the ground. Point your toe at a 45 degree angle in front of the other leg. This adds dimension to your body and allows you to show off those sexy curves. As you feel more comfortable, try pushing the opposite hip out a bit and leaning just a few degrees toward or away from the mirror for even more definition and vavavoom!

6. Be Aware of Your Surroundings!


You’ve taken the most adorable selfie and are just about to hit send when you notice the pile of dirty laundry you were about to throw in the washer is not only visible, but your not so clean delicates are right on top in full display! Eek! Remember to check for background clutter that you might not want to share with the world. 

Of course you also want to be aware of anything that might give away more personal info than you intended to share. Items with your personal address or other private info might be visible on your night stand or desk.

But most of all ladies, whether you try these tips or not, NO MORE APOLOGIES! (Yep, I’m using shouty capitals to get that point across) You are gorgeous!  You are fearfully and wonderfully made. We love to see how women of all shapes and sizes look and feel amazing in their purchases! By feeling good, you look good! Stepping outside of your comfort zone to post a photo means others will be inspired to share too. Confidence is  your most important accessory and genuinely the best secret to looking amazing.

Chic Blessings my friends,

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Editor/Contributor: Kristy Porter


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Joyce Ivins
Joyce Ivins
Love your tips thank you very much. You are a very sweet and nice young girl. Thank you for what you are doing. I love the plus sizes & Love your clothes that you pick. I can’t wait for mine. I ordered some clothes and I can’t wait to get them.
Pam Hill
Pam Hill
I actually dont like any selfies i have taken. Good tips.
Great tips.
Darlene Izzo
Darlene Izzo
Thank You so much for these valuable tips!
Mary Lou Tumminelli
Mary Lou Tumminelli
Thank you for sharing this,it really does help I never feel good enough to post selfies .
Tammy Manchester
Tammy Manchester
Yes it was so very helpful.Thanks so much Ashley for all you do for us 💜
Patsy C Hull
Patsy C Hull
This is great! Thank you so much for this. This should help my selfie game!!
Rose McLaughlin
Rose McLaughlin
I just love you Ashley build womens confidence everyday!!! Thank you💜
Great tips! I will have to try them since I don’t like taking selfies.

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