Welcome to the World of Hair!

Whether you're interested in wigs for medical purposes or (like me) you're just looking to shake things up and make a fashion statement we have what you're looking for! Our mission is to make you feel beautiful! We carry the best in synthetic wigs! Realistic hairlines, top-quality fibers, and comfortable cap construction are so important!

Here are some FAQs to know!

Monofilament Lace refers to the material used to structure the cap and lace front of our Luxury Line giving our wigs that "It's growing right out of your head" look. It's a transparent fiber intricately woven together and then synthetic fibers are handstitched throughout.

 "Full Monofilament Lace" indicates that the monofilament piece of the cap is a 5X5.5 Inch section that allows you to freely move the part of your wig to a style of your preference. These parts are desirable for women who want to change up the wig look with maximum top style-ability.

"Monofilament Lace Part"  Indicates that the monofilament piece of the cap is significantly smaller usually a 1.5X4 inch section, allowing for a thinner and often stationary parting section. Monofilament Lace parts still boast the same stunning realism without-out the fuss and are desirable by women looking to flip and go!
"Can I style my wig with heat" Well yes, and, also no.
Heat & Synthetic Wigs-

Curling my wig
We do not recommend attempting to curl our synthetic styles. If you would prefer a curl style we recommend that you purchase a curl set style.

Straightening my wig
Most of our styles can be heat straightened using a temperature-controlled straightening tool. We Recommend setting your heat setting to 275 and working up from there. Keep in mind that like human hair, the higher heat you utilize on your wig the more potential damage you can do. We are not responsible for damage done to a wig post-purchase.

*Applying heat to synthetic fibers changes the molecule structure of the fiber. Therefore once the heat is applied it is unlikely that your wig will return to its original state. 



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WARNING Wearing these wigs may cause adverse side effects such as:

  1. Boosted Confidence
  2. Second glances from strangers
  3. Cat-Calls in construction zones
  4. Dirty looks from your Mother-In-Law
  5. Making your EX want you back