Over 25 years ago, Carol Roeda turned her passion to make and sell things into a business. Today Roeda has designers, production artists, packagers, shippers,and sales associates. Roeda is a design house, a manufacturing studio, adistribution center, and 2 brick and mortar retail stores.  Three years ago, Carol’s daughter, Amy, took over operations when Carol decided to focus her energy on a project she calls Color Out the Darkness. For Carol, the act of putting bright colors on a black surface has kept depression and darkness at bay. Carol will tell you it’s been her life’s work. Color has always been a recognizable part of her art.  Our customers recognize it, and it is one of the things they love about us: "I always leave Roeda Studio with a smile on my face. You can't help but feel the joy creep into your own soul." The legacy of finding joy in color continues with our collection of colorful, hand-painted art magnets. Use them on our magnetic photo boards, memo boards, and frames, or look around you. Got a refrigerator? A metal mailbox? Or a cubicle at work? The possibilities are endless. Brighten your life with art magnets from Roeda!

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