I know what you're thinking. How is it that she's so energetic? Where is that magnetic joy coming from? 

I know it because you message me and ask. But I also know, that hidden inside that question is another one. Could that be me? Could I be that confident? That joyful? 

I'm here to tell you, yes, yes, YES! Joy is something you can try on -- on the outside at first if you have to. But with time, it will start to sink in deeper. Because I believe joy is not just a feeling. It's a decision. And it's something YOU deserve.

If you've been around me on Facebook for any length of time, you know that I didn't always feel this way. There were days when I was so depressed I would binge watch Netflix instead of enjoying the life around me. There were days when the thoughts inside my head were so negative that I would lash out on the people I love the most and there were days when I missed out on family photo moments because I was so disgusted with the way that I looked.

What helped me break free from that negativity and change was simple -- I found communities that loved me and heard me. Gratitude entered my heart and with it came confidence and joy. 
The hardest part in all of it, was just finding the right community. It's not easy. And that's why I'm so grateful for the amazing, supportive, and uplifting community that has formed inside Ashley's Chic VIP. It's a community where women are feeling seen and heard. Accepted and loved no matter what.

I've been feeling for a long time that we can take this one step further -- I know you want to support each other more. And I want to be able to serve you more.

That's why I'm launching The Chic Inner Circle. Inside you'll find weekly gift card giveaways, Sneak-Peek opportunities to snag new arrivals before they go live, access to behind the scenes content and, I’m so stoked about this last part, I am going to be live in here every Monday with My Monday Takeaway live streams!

We’re gonna hang out, I’m going to share some of my favorite tips, tricks, and tutorials, and I’m going to share my Weekly takeaways on how I went from alone and depressed to living an authentic and vibrant life. Whether you just entered our live community, you’re looking for some awesome deals, or you’re an ACB OG and you want those insider tips on how I learned to love myself, The Chic Inner Circle is right for you!

Picture a day when you are confident in who you are! Picture a day when your best friend says to you “Girl, not only do you look beautiful you look happy!” Picture a day when you’re living your own Joyful vibrantly authentic life!

Sign up today. I can't wait to see you inside