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This week we are kicking off another one of our amazing Rise Tribe Crawls. I really look forward to these crawls! It’s an amazing opportunity for me to collaborate with my Tribe sisters. We are all pretty unique in what we offer to our customers, but from each other we gain so much support and creative inspiration. It’s easy to get so hyper focused on my own business, that I am grateful to have this group of professionals to continue to push me, challenge me, and remind me of the best parts of this crazy, amazing world.

Rise Tribe Sisters Take Vegas!

So this week I’m thinking about my Tribe! And I yes, I totally mean to brag, when I say I have a big one! Haha! How lucky I am to have so many people that have my back, and I hope they know I have theirs too!

First, I have to give a big shout out to my Tribe sisters who are also on this journey with me. Every so often, we team up to bring customers a whole week of goodies. Our Rise Tribe Crawl this week is devoted to our fantastic followers - so we are calling it Spread The Love! We want to share the love you show us back and hopefully spread it even farther. Check them out here: Rise Tribe Live Sales 

A whopping 65 winners will win $20 prizes! That is a lot of winners and incredible odds! But the crazy thing is that we aren’t stopping there. If we hit 200 viewers on a show, we will be adding another $100 in prizes! I mean, I hope all my viewers are ready this week, because we are truly Spreading The Love!!!

With Mother’s Day, graduation parties, summer birthday parties, and Father’s Day right around the corner, there will absolutely be something for everyone in one of our Tribe’s 15 different shows over the course of seven days! And let’s not forget to treat yourself to one or...ten things too!

We will be highlighting some gorgeous pieces. I can’t wait for you to see them. Who wants a little sneak peak? If you haven’t already, check out our website: Ashley's Chic Boutique  Like and follow out Facebook page and join our VIP !

As if this week wasn’t going to be hectic already, I am jetting off to Los Angeles! Can you believe it?!? I am so excited join a few other Tribe Sisters and scout some exclusive pieces and make some amazing connections for all of you.

I honestly can’t believe this is my life! I leave Friday and will be collaborating with some of your other favorite Tribe members to be able to hand choose pieces, find the latest trends and styles, and hopefully build some amazing partnerships that allow us to continue building this brand into my biggest dreams and beyond and, of course, bring you the absolute best in style and fashion!

Of course, none of this would be possible if it weren’t my own little Tribe at home. My husband Shawn will be holding down the fort so I can take advantage of this incredible opportunity. It’s so hard to leave my kiddos, but I know that my family will be there to make sure they are well taken care of while I’m gone. I lean on them so much, my mother (aka Grandma Lil), Momma Donna (Granny McPhee), my dad, and of course, Aunt Val! I’ve been raised to believe that no matter what, your family will always be there for you, and I’m reminded of that time and again.

My rock, my love!


How cute are my littles?!?
And of course, my amazing husband in all his shipping glory! 

I can also never say enough about my absolutely incredible in-house team of ACB Team members! Danae, my Sami, Aunt Val, Tracy, Megan and the crowd favorite, ladies, Andrew. It’s always amazing when Julia & Steph stop by! In front of the camera is such a small piece of the hard work and totally hilarious shenanigans that happens here on a daily basis. I wish I could show you even half of the laughter that goes on even when the camera isn’t on. We drive each other crazy and lift each other up all at the same time and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. If you haven’t yet, head over to our new YouTube Channel where we share some of our ridiculous antics. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe so we can keep bringing you more fun!


When I step back and look at all the little tribes that make up my BIG TRIBE, I am in absolutely awe. I acknowledge every day that I am blessed beyond words to be on this amazing journey with this team of people, and I just want to scream it from the mountain tops that we all need a tribe. We all need people to lean on and laugh with and cry with, sometimes.

Work hard, play hard!

If you’re reading this blog, know that you have found a Tribe! We welcome you with open arms, because we all know the value of not going through anything alone and the joy of sharing our ups and downs with each other. We are here to #SpreadTheLove and be your Tribe!


Tell us who your Tribe is in the comments below!

Want to give a shout out to your Tribe? Share this blog and tag your friends.

We hope you join us tonight at 6:30-9:30 PM EST for more fun.

Keep building and bettering your Tribe!


Chic Blessings my friends,

♦️♦️Crawl Schedule ♦️♦️

♦️ Sunday May 5

10:00- 1:00 EST - Klassy Collections

1:00-4:00 PM EST Infinite Treasures

4:00-7:00 PM EST - Dream Catchers Clothing Boutique

♦️Monday May 6th -

6:30-9:30 PM EST - Ashley's Chic Boutique, Inc.

9:30- Midnight thirty Second Hand Gypsy4

♦️Tuesday May 7th

6:00-9:00 PM This Curvy Girl's Closet

♦️ Wednesday May 8th

6:00-9:00 EST Trend Benders Boutique

♦️ Thursday May 9th

6:00- 9:00 EST Making Waves Boutique

9:00 EST - midnight The Vault

♦️ Friday May 10th

6:00 EST -9:00 EST Remy Lucille Boutique

9:00 EST - midnight KeepHer in Leggings Clothing Boutique

♦️Saturday May 11th

3:00-6:00 pm est This & That Boutique

9:00 -12:00 EST Southern Angels Boutique



Contributor/Editor: Kristy Porter

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Bring the Spring!

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Finally! Some sunshine and warm weather here in Northwestern Pennsylvania! While we are full on ready to welcome summer, it can be difficult to just shift your wardrobe from sweaters to swimsuits. We sat down this week to pull together our favorite tips and tricks on transitioning from winter to spring.

Mix 'n Match

I think one of my favorite tricks is to mix and match winter with spring colors. Keep your dark colored cardigans in the mix and match winter colors with spring to extend options and stretch your budget too.

So the “it” spring color of 2019 is coral! It’s everywhere and we’re for it! Coral is so versatile! If you have warm skin tones, coral will bring out your summer glow. But coral compliments pastel blues and greens so well that it works for cool skin tones too. Have you seen our reversible camis in all the spring colors? I’m in love!

Love how this dress could pair with a black cardigan for a more chic, night time look or without for the perfect summer picnic or party.


Update Accessories

You ladies have been loving the new spring purses, clutches and wallets lately. A pop of color can be a great way to keep wearing some of your winter grays and blacks, while embracing the spring colors. Something like aqua or a coral color can be paired with so many other color options and can be that perfect little lift your wardrobe.

Pretty Pastels and Neutrals

Another way to bring a little pop of color is to add in some new jewelry. We’re loving Drewsey studs for a touch of sparkle, (have you seen these beauties on our website?) bright dangles, and chunky bracelets. And we cannot get enough of the bright, natural stone necklaces. The long lengths draw the eye down and are actually slimming to an outfit. Ask to see what we have in stock on our next show! These go fast though, be warned!


Refresh Your Beauty Bag

My go to lip shade is Provaclips #440 Just Teasing. But it just doesn’t transfer well to the spring time. I’m currently on a mission to find my new favorite shade. Any suggestions? What are you loving this season?       


My fave lip color!

The change of seasons is more than just a change in color palettes. Most of us tend to use more foundation in the winter to help bring some life to our Vitamin D deprived complexion. But once the weather warms up, I hate the cakey feeling on my skin. I switch to a good bb cream, like this one or this one. They’re light tinted moisturizers that usually have some SPF and antioxidants. I’ll also add a CC cream, or color correcting cream, which can help with redness or uneven skin tone. Do you have a favorite we should try? Drop us a comment!

Get that summer glow!

More sunshine also has me reaching for a good highlighter like the amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit  or my other fave Tarteist Pro Glow and Blush. Top off with a little bronzer, like this one from Bare Minerals. In the winter you’re trying to achieve a more matte look, but spring is the time to glow! Shimmer shadows, peachy blushes and just a touch of sun kissed bronze is the perfect switch for brighter days.

Lighter Layers

Winter always has me in thick layers. Our ponchos were one of our favorite trends this past season, but it’s time to tuck the heavy knits away and bring out the flowy! We now have the most beautiful kimonos in stock! We have so many gorgeous options in from bright to neutral, printed to solid. They are super versatile and they take an outfit from bleak to ULTRA CHIC! You can wear them with skinny jeans, or over these super cute Judy Blu Bermudas in plus sizes, over dresses and even as swimsuit cover-ups. They are the perfect way to stay covered while still staying cool.




Speaking of needing a bit of coverage, we’ve also noticed you ladies loving the light cardigans in bright spring colors! They’re one of our most popular items this month. I love how you can take pretty pink or minty green and put it over a floral, flowy top, a solid caged cami, or over patterns and stripes. Finish it with a long pendant necklace and you have a perfect winter to summer blend. Not to mention you could take one cardigan and end up with four or five outfits. Pair it with jeans for a more causal, running errands look. Or dress it up with a pair of gray or white pants for work or date night.

All the colors! LOOOOVEEEE!!!!

What are you looking to add to your closet this spring? What trends are you dying to try? Leave us message in the comments. And if you loved this blog, please share it with your friends! 

Catch all these styles and more on our next show! Have you signed up for our text alerts, so you never miss a show? Just text "Chic" to 31996. 


Chic Blessing friends,



Contributor/Editor: Kristy Porter

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A Really Good Cup of Coffee...

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This week I have really been feeling the need to talk about self-care. I used to call myself an extrovert. Crowded room of people that I don’t know? Sure, sign me up! Friends dropping by unannounced? Come on in! A career on camera with hundreds of people watching? Absolutely! And honestly, none of that has changed. As I like to say, I LOVE TO PEOPLE!!!

(Some of my amazing girls!)

What has changed is my appreciation and need for alone time. On any given day, I wake up early to get my kids up and ready for school. After they're off, I’ll go to the gym or head right into my office and start answering messages. I’ll pull pieces for a show, go live, and then usually answer more messages or, if Aunt Val forces me, stare at a few spreadsheets until my eyes go crossed. By then it's dinner time and I try to spend some time with my family, have another show, sleep and repeat.

(New Years 2019)

I am almost never alone. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful to be able to be so accessible to my family, and I love my team! But sometimes I need a break. A break from the 1000’s of tattles and questions that come from being a mom of six. A break from, was that number 1234 or 4321? Did Jane Smith want the 2X or the 3X? Did I remember to order toner? Did I pay for school lunches? Oh no, we’re out of toilet paper! Did we order shipping boxes? Oh gross, the cat just threw up in the girls' room!

There seems to be a lot of unspoken pressure and expectations on women to be super heroes. To be able to handle the career, the kids, the house, and still be pleasant and cheery all the time. But let’s be real, no one can be on it all of the time. We can’t pour from an empty cup. You can’t constantly drain your own energy trying to fuel everyone else's. I think that at our core, even though we understand this statement, it doesn’t seem to stop us from trying!

I don’t have all the answers, but as my cousin put it, sometimes you just need a really good cup of coffee. To sit down alone, enjoying something that’s just for you. Something that refills you, reenergizes you, and makes you excited about finishing that cup and getting back to life again.

My “cup of coffee” is to get out of my house at least once every three weeks to spend the day alone. I’ll get my eyelashes done, walk around Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and daydream about projects I know I’ll never make, and just have lunch with myself. On an even smaller scale that may look like me ordering product. This is almost always done at 2 AM with either the weekly church sermon or a 90’s Spotify playlist jamming and a cup of Oolong tea. I need that quiet, peaceful time to check in with myself. To remember what keeps me going and what I love about my life and where I am. To be hyper-focused on where I’m going.

What is your coffee? What is something that you can do this week big or small that’s just for you? Now believe me when I say a trip to the beach would most definitely rejuvenate the soul. But for most of us that's not realistic on a weekly or monthly basis. This week we challenge you to find your “cup of coffee.”  Large or small, lavish or budget friendly. What helps you to rejuvenate and reenergize? Comment ideas below! And share this blog! I know there’s so many women out there that need to hear this.


Chic Blessings my friends,



Contributor/Editor: Kristy Porter

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Perfecting the Mirror Selfie

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We’ve noticed something here at ACB. Our gorgeous customers are constantly apologizing for their selfie game. Well, apologize no more, ladies! We love that you feel amazing in your new Chic clothing, and we want you to see how good you look, too! Nothing is better than seeing pics of you all loving and rocking your new clothing and accessories. In fact, we want more! So to boost your confidence, here are 6 quick tips to a perfect mirror selfie!

1. Practice First

When you look so good the rest of the world needs to see it, or maybe you just want to show the Ashley’s Chic VIP’s, it’s best to get a little practice in before you grab your phone. We all know that photos can sometimes capture us with less than flattering results. Try out some of the below techniques and you’re sure to look as good as you feel.



2. Phone Position 


For mirror selfies, it’s all about showing off how good you look and feel in your clothes, so it’s ok to cover up some or all of your face to get the best angle, or if you’re just feeling a bit shy. But most of the time the best position is just off to one side between your chin and shoulder. This gives you full control over your phone and angles without risking those double chins or gravity defying Pilates moves you’d need to see yourself head to toe. I think this is where I have to give a shameless plug for a Pop Socket or phone ring. But seriously, I wouldn't go without one ever. If you have smaller hands, like me, these things are amazing! I don't drop my phone like I used to and they come in such super cute colors. 


3. Smizing


Again, the mirror selfie usually means you want to show off the look and that’s what everyone will mostly focus on. But what should you do with your face? A full on smile can feel awkward in a mirror selfie. But no smile can make you look miserable. On top of that, where do you look? At the mirror? Your phone screen? It’s a lot, I know.

Smizing is the perfect happy medium. A closed lip smile or slight smirk that reaches your eyes - that’s smizing (smiling with your eyes). Just try thinking about how gorgeous you feel in your outfit and it will show on your whole face. Keeping your eyes on your phone to capture the perfect angle is totally normal. But play around with a few shots while looking at the mirror or up and away for fun. You might love the sassier result it creates. 


4. Hand on the Hip                                  


For a slimmer look, this is a quick and easy trick! Practice placing one hand on your hip or just below your rib cage. Spread your fingers apart and grip your waist lightly. This gives the illusion of a slimmer waist without the belt. Pair this with the knee bend and angled toe point for a super flattering selfie.


5. Bend the Knee, Point and Turn

A must for any photo is the knee bend. (This is a close cousin to the bend and snap. Any Legally Blonde fans out there?) Anyway, stiff, straight legs make you look boxy in a 2D image. Try slightly bending your knee and lifting your heel an inch or two off the ground. Point your toe at a 45 degree angle in front of the other leg. This adds dimension to your body and allows you to show off those sexy curves. As you feel more comfortable, try pushing the opposite hip out a bit and leaning just a few degrees toward or away from the mirror for even more definition and vavavoom!

6. Be Aware of Your Surroundings!


You’ve taken the most adorable selfie and are just about to hit send when you notice the pile of dirty laundry you were about to throw in the washer is not only visible, but your not so clean delicates are right on top in full display! Eek! Remember to check for background clutter that you might not want to share with the world. 

Of course you also want to be aware of anything that might give away more personal info than you intended to share. Items with your personal address or other private info might be visible on your night stand or desk.

But most of all ladies, whether you try these tips or not, NO MORE APOLOGIES! (Yep, I’m using shouty capitals to get that point across) You are gorgeous!  You are fearfully and wonderfully made. We love to see how women of all shapes and sizes look and feel amazing in their purchases! By feeling good, you look good! Stepping outside of your comfort zone to post a photo means others will be inspired to share too. Confidence is  your most important accessory and genuinely the best secret to looking amazing.

Chic Blessings my friends,

 ***Shop the look in the images above by joining us this week***

Here's a special sneak peak to this week's schedule!

Monday @ 6:30 PM: Denim, Tanks and Kimonos 

Tuesday @ Noon: Join us as we roll out a BRAND NEW PRODUCT!

Wednesday @ 7:00 PM: Studs Selling Singles 

Thursday @ 6:30 PM: Roulette Night


Did you find this blog helpful? Leave a comment below and share the blog with your friends!


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Once Upon A Time...

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This is what people dream of! To go to work and be surrounded by positivity and to feel like what you do matters. I have big goals for this business, but at the heart of it will always be these incredible women and men. I love helping each of them feel as beautiful and handsome on the outside as they have shown me they are on the inside.

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