Waiting for the Yes.

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Stop letting the fear of rejection stifle the light living inside of you. Learn to bounce back from No.

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Devote Yourself to Your Community

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“Devote yourself to your community around you and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” - Mitch Albom

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Insider's Look: ACB Spa Products Revisited!

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As this business grows, one of the things I won’t let change is my belief in what we sell. I want my customers to be able to trust that I will be honest about our products. Buying online can be a risk - from sizing, to fit, to quality. It's great that I can talk directly to my customers and explain what I love and don’t love about every single item I sell. What works for one person might not for the next, so not only can I show you in-person, but you can get testimonials and ask questions of other customers during our live shows. I am constantly amazed at how this community of people has bonded together and supported each other and how they really appreciate the honesty we promise.

We love you guys and want you to know we take great pride in sourcing quality products you can count on with customer service you can trust! Wig Pictured is Kaitlyn


I also want my customers to know as much as they can about where our products come from and how they’re made.  If you’ve watched our shows, you know that our spa products do not stay on our shelves long! Each one is made by my dear friend, Mindy, who I have known for nine years. In the last three years, she was inspired to start this small business because of her daughters and granddaughters who sometimes join her in the process. But her talents don’t stop there. From quilting to making beautiful purses, and tons of other sewing goodies, Mindy is amazing! But what started for her as soaps, has developed into a whole Chic line, and all because our customers have fallen in love with these products just as much as we have and continue to come back for more and more. From the amazing oils to the incredible scrubs, facial and spa bars, foot soaks, lip scrubs, lip balms, and the cutest seasonal goodies, we’ve got you covered (literally).

Me and the Incomparable Mindy

But we don’t always have time to talk about how amazing these products really are, so I thought this would be a great place to really give you the details about what makes these products so special.

First, all of our spa products are strictly made with ingredients you can actually read! No strange chemicals, harsh sulfates, parabens or any other junk you see in that long list of ingredients in those department store brands.


Mindy bringing us a box of spa goodies!

To prove it, we did our research and put together descriptions of what’s in our scrubs, oils, balms, and soaps. Go ahead and turn that label around and know exactly what you’re getting. And then get those fast fingers ready, because these spa products go seriously fast!

Emulsifying wax is usually derived from vegetable oils simply to keep oil and water from separating in different creams and lotions. 

The Butters (shea cocoa) These kinds of butter are known to soften skin and improve elasticity and have even been used against acne, eczema, and stretch marks.

Fun facts:
Shea is a nut harvested from regions in Africa.
Cocoa is a bean found in South America.


One of 5 chic sugar scrubs from our Valentine Collection available now! to purchase the matching Spa Oil Click Here

The Oils (jojoba, soybean, sunflower, avocado, coconut, olive, palm, castor, tamanu, tea tree, rice bran) These plant-based oils can be found in nearly every beauty product on the shelves these days. With so many benefits, it’s not surprising to see why. We found this website from Allure Magazine to be pretty informative on the specifics, but the bottom line is that these oils are amazingly effective without being scary. 

Calendula is a flowering plant that is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. We’ve had so many comments on how the body oils are helping calm inflammation and flare-ups of all sorts of conditions. Reading your comments on how you’re using these products on yourself, your children, sharing with other family and friends - it gives me happy chill bumps! Just amazing and so gratifying!

Phenonip is a very effective, but still natural preservative. In their raw form, all of these plant extracts and oils you find in beauty products would spoil very quickly. And no one wants to be spreading mold on their skin! Phenonip prevents bacteria growth and can have a three-year shelf life!

Pictured above is Endless Love Body Oil! To order it's Sugar Scrub match Click Here!

Mica: According to cosmeticsinfo.org “mica is a group of silicate minerals that are widely distributed in different types of rock. Mica often occurs as flakes, scraps, or sheets, and has been used by humans since prehistoric times.” Its job is to add a bit of shimmer to beauty products and give you that glow.


Activated Charcoal has become the latest beauty best-kept secret. With its proven ability to detox your skin and unclog pores, I can’t believe we haven’t all heard of this before recently. But our ACB customers have definitely discovered the power of charcoal. We absolutely love our charcoal bars! You all are constantly telling us about your success stories of clearing up acne and the way it leaves your skin and pores so clean. Here’s a bit more on activated charcoal from Best Health Magazine.


Pictured above is our Charcoal &Tea Tree Facial Bar by far one of our best-selling spa products! Also, consider trying this other great product with Charcoal: Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Foam

Sodium Hydroxide or (NaOH) also known as lye can be an irritant to some, but, when used properly, is a vital part of the soap making process. Like any beauty product, you want to make sure that if the product causes any irritation, you discontinue use. The most common feedback we get, however, is how clean and soft the soaps make your skin feel. 

Fragrance: Fragrance can be a tricky beast. But I said, honesty, right?  While the fragrance, or as we prefer, the flavor, of these products is initially the most appealing part, it can cause sensitivities for some people in rare cases. For most, it’s just the icing on top of all of the other great, natural benefits. I mean, the compliment, “oh, you smell good!” is an oddly satisfying compliment, isn’t it?

But if you’re one of those few who either can’t use fragrances or prefer not to, we carry fragrance-free products as well. Get all the smoothing, softening, moisturizing benefits, and skip the sensitivities. I’m calling that a win for everyone!

The product that started it all! Made from local unpasteurized goat milk this is one of the products we are most recognized for! To read more about its benefits and to shop in-stock soaps click here!


DISCLAIMER: While we absolutely love these spa products, we want to make it clear that we are not qualified to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. We speak only from personal experience and the input of our customers.
Natural products may not be safe for everyone. It’s important to be aware of ingredients and talk to your doctor first if you have concerns, sensitivities or allergies. If you have any adverse reactions to any beauty products, please discontinue use and consult a physician immediately.


Want a chance to snag some of our fabulous spa products? From now until Feb 14th you can take advantage of our Galentines Gift Giveaway! For every order over $100, we are sending a special Galentine Gift! Every gift will include an exclusive Galentine Spa Product! (You can't even buy these ya'll!) As well as other Chic Goodies and each will include Chic Doll-Hairs valued between $5 and $100! To redeem post a photo of you with your goodies in the VIP! Click Here to join!


Have you tried our spa products? What’s your favorite product? Favorite scent? 

Share your story in the comments below and if you liked this blog, please share it with your friends for a chance to win $50 Chic Cash!

Chic Blessings Friends,

Contributor/Editor: Kristy Porter

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My Cosmetic Obsession

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Confession Time-

Hi, my name is Ashley, and I’m a make-up-aholic. The first step is admittance. Some people have a clothing obsession. Mine is hands down cosmetics! It’s an illness, yall! Fun fact: I became a Younique Presenter to get the kit and ranked up to Yellow Presenter Status (meaning that I sold over 1K) worth of their product, and I only ever sold to myself. Shhhhh… don’t tell Shawn. This is a safe place, ladies! I’d been searching for the better part of a year to find a brand that believed in high-quality natural ingredients, wasn’t heavy or pore-clogging and was affordable on any budget! I’m happy to share with you all my newest #obsession, and it’s MOIRA Cosmetics! From moisturizing skincare to highly pigmented pallets, they’ve everything you need for a flawless look from start to finish!

First, let’s look at the company itself.

 Named after the Goddess of Destiny MOIRA Cosmetics, founded in 2016 by CEO & Founder Christine KO, marries the beauty of the West with the unrivaled skin care secrets of the East to birth the MOIRA makeup and skincare line. Manufactured in South Korea, the companies mission statement is “To impact everyone around the world in positive, powerful, and lasting ways.” Let me tell you I’m about it! They further describe three critical aspects of their brand by stating on their website:


The modern individual is constantly connected. They have high expectations for themselves as their career, social, and personal fulfillment. Beauty doesn't have to be one more thing to manage. Instead, it can be a breath of fresh air to their day. Modern life isn't always easy but MOIRA is one easy thing in your routine that makes every day better.


No matter what type of face, eyes, or lips you have, we give strength to everyone’s best features so they can love their unique, beautiful look. Rather than enlisting in a beauty regime, you can become confident in showing off your natural glow. Discover the freedom to be the best version of you with MOIRA. The makeup everyone can use.


The essence of existence must go beyond busy schedules and the hustle of everyday life. You have dreams and a life filled with purpose, but following your destiny is not the only option. You can shape confidence and style with MOIRA. Let MOIRA highlight the beauty inside you while you focus on building your beautiful destiny.

The 4th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards held at the Avalon celebrates the beauty industry professionals and their talent. Christine Ko,  Founder & CEO of MOIRA cosmetics was presented with The Breakthrough Award for her innovative company.  MOIRA cosmetics was born 2 years ago, and now it has broken into the beauty industry as one of the favorite product lines for makeup professionals. (SOURCE moirabeauty.com)

Why consistency is skincare important.

  • Beautiful skin takes dedication.
  • Some women may be born with beautiful skin that requires little-to-no skincare at all, but let’s face it, most of us weren’t blessed with that unicorn DNA. Finding what works for you may take trial, education, and a little help from your girl Ashley. Thankfully, MOIRA currently stocks over 20 products to help you on this new journey! Let us help you to customize a routine that works for your skin type. All you have to do is use it daily!  

  • Moisturizers are less expensive than Plastic surgeons.
  • For real, though. The effort you put forth in developing a habit now will contribute to how your skin will appear ten years from now and beyond. Skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, deep wrinkles, acne scarring, or other skin problems can be prevented with a skincare routine. They can deter expensive trips to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon in the future.

  • It’s a confidence Booster.
  • Your face is the first thing most people see of you. Having glowing and radiant skin to show off will make you feel good about yourself. It makes an enormous difference in your appearance, and well-nourished skin creates the ideal Pallett for your next makeup look. Speaking of makeup…


    Why MOIRA makeup?

    While the mission statement of MOIRA cosmetics makes it easy to fall in love with the brand, their intense attention to detail makes it equally easy to fall in love with the product. With over 50 products to choose from, the line features primers and concealers that smooth and nourish your skin, blush, and contour pallets to add depth and natural glow, and the most pigmented pallets with top-rate blend-ability. When wearing MOIRA cosmetics, you're not a woman doing her makeup. You're an artist creating a masterpiece.

    From flawless everyday wear

    To daring and outlandish in the best possible ways.

    Take hold of your destiny

    by discovering the Goddess within.

     Shop all of our in-stock cosmetics here:


    Be sure to Like & Follow our Facebook page:


    Subscribe to our YouTube channel for upcoming video tutorials launching this week.


     Congrats to last week's blog winner: Krislyn Brinkman!

    You're taking home one MOIRA product of your choice!


    I hope you found this blog helpful! Make sure to tune in weekly for more great tips and until next time...


    Chic Blessings Friends,


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    Take Center Stage

    ACB Staff20 comments

    I’m super active on social media, which means that hundreds of pictures and videos (some amazingly flattering like the one below, and some not-so-flattering) are all over the inter-webs. Inevitably every few months or so, I’ll have a live where trolls super bombard me. Their goal is to come into a live cause chaos, make rude and crude comments, and be generally distracting. People are brave from behind a keyboard, which means that it’s effortless for them to be a jerk with ZERO consequences. I’ve been called everything under the sun. "Fat" is probably the most common, although general explicitly sexual offers and comments happen as well.



     Do you know what I meet that with?

    Humor, kindness, or no reply at all! I get comments from clients often, asking how I handle it so well or with grace. The truth? I love myself. It took me a long time to be able to say that. It took me a long time to understand that it wasn’t wrong! It didn't make me vain. I don’t believe a love for yourself means you have to be a certain weight or even your goal weight. I don’t believe it has anything to do with your physical appearance, the title you hold, or what’s in your bank account. No, I don’t think it is any of that at all.


     Loving yourself is about knowing your worth. It’s about respecting yourself and your needs. I'm talking about needs not wants; I'm not advocating for manicures and Mercedes, I'm speaking about rest, nutrition, and self-care. Loving yourself means believing in yourself and your dreams. Even if those around you think they’re silly or unattainable. Loving yourself means talking positively about and to yourself. No more “I’m too dumb” “If only I were smaller,” “I’ll never make it.”



    Loving yourself means just that. Without limitations, contingency clauses, and even when you eat the entire bag of potato chips. It’s cheering the loudest for yourself when you win and giving yourself grace when you don’t. I know you may be thinking OK Ash, but it’s easier said than done! No worries! It’s a process! Rome was not built in a day, and falling in love with yourself won’t happen overnight. But you’ve stuck with me this far, so here you go:


    Practical Application :

    1. Choose gratitude. It’s difficult to focus on everything that could be conceived as wrong with you or your life when your spending that time being grateful for what’s right. Remember the movie, Pollyanna? The glad game? A young orphaned girl who believes that positivity can solve even the most difficult of life's problems. That. Do that. Over and over until you get to the point where you allow yourself no more than 5 minutes of annoyance before finding your glad and it’s become more natural to feel gratitude than frustration. 
    1. Make sure you’re sleeping, nourishing your body, and taking time to de-stress. Nobody is at their best when they’re exhausted and eating garbage. Take a nap, drink water, and find a quiet place to refresh. I spent an entire blog post about this so instead of reiteration here’s the link! Give it a read. https://ashleyschicboutique.com/blogs/news/a-really-good-cup-of-coffee
    1. Stop with the negative self-talk, stop allowing others to talk negatively about you to you, and stop accepting less than you deserve! Now I’m not talking about entitlement. What I mean is, while it may be true that you can’t control what others think and do, you can establish clear boundaries against toxic people and toxic self-worth. I once heard you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Guess what!  YOU are the voice you hear the most. What are you saying to yourself about yourself?
    1. Practice positive affirmations. Every morning stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself 3 positive things about yourself. Even if you don’t believe it yet. Things like: you’re beautiful, you’re a great mom, you’re an amazing friend, you’re the best boss! Seriously, do it. You don’t get a famous quote or an anecdote here. Just do it.


    I hope this has helped you to find healthy ways to eliminate the trolls in your life! Take a minute and share this with someone who needs to hear it.


    Congrats to Rhonda Roop our $50 Gift Card Winner! To enter to win next week's giveaway share this blog with a friend and leave a comment below!


    Chic Blessings Friends, 

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    So you’ve bought a wig now what?

    ACB Staff79 comments

    Five Tips To Make Your Wig Look Natural

    Level: Beginner

    Most of us have made mistakes when it comes to cosmetics and bad haircuts, and while trial and error help us figure out what does and does not look good, most common mistakes made with wigs are easy to fix. Navigating these synthetic hair faux-pas will result in a much more natural-looking wig that will last!

    1. Channel your inner Cher!

    I may have seen this played out a time or two. You buy your first wig, eagerly anticipate its arrival, stalk the mailman, shred the packaging, and plop it straight on your head, all to be disappointed that you’re not instantly ready for Coachella. I recommend applying a little makeup and having a positive mindset. It may sound silly, but hear me out. I often receive comments about my ability to wear any shade and style. My secret? Bronzer, lipstick, and confidence! We’ll be talking more about cosmetics soon! Watch for the release. 

    1. Bring your wig to life!

     Start by turning your wig upside down and give it a gentle shake. Your new wig has been stored, packaged, and transported and will need some air circulated through it. A soft shake will help to bring it back to life. It will loosen the fibers and help to separate the hair. It’s also important to play with your wig! Not every style comes with your unique shape, features, and skin tone in mind. With a little effort, such as moving or adding a part line, making sure it is appropriately positioned on your head or adding texture and volume, you can manipulate the wig into a style that is ultra-flattering to your face.                                             


    3. Wigs caps and battling the bulge!

    Your wig will come with a wig cap. We recommend starting with your natural hair wet. For those of you with long hair, you may need to utilize a ponytail and Bobbi pins. The goal is to make your hair as absolutely flat as possible! Bulgy natural hair under your wig will result in a less than natural appearance! If you have extremely short hair, you may find it easier to slick back your hair with your favorite product before applying your cap. Follow the quick tutorial below on how to use your cap and place your wig!


    1. Find your forehead

    Having an unnatural wig hairline is an easy fix and makes a world of difference when it comes to looking authentic! Having bangs can add shape, shorten out a forehead, soften up a sharp jawline or add angles to a round face. Wearing a wig too far forward, and changing where your natural hairline sits, has the same effect but with not-so-chic consequences. The eye draws to this awkwardly shortened forehead. Make sure that the hairline of your wig sits exactly along your hairline, millimeter perfect!


    1. Understand your wig’s unique part line!

    If your wig has a set parting line, it does not always mean it should sit in the center of the head. If in doubt, rewatch the live sale or check photos on the website! Some wig designs can be based around a dramatic side part. Wearing the parting line in the dead center of the head changes the intended look of the wig, and the hair can appear wonky and crooked. Of course, this does not apply to free-part lace front wigs (these allow for the placement of a part line anywhere you like), and some styles look fabulous no matter where the parting sits.

    I hope you’ve found this article helpful! Make sure to check out our beginner’s guide VIDEO tutorial premiering on YouTube tonight at 8! To watch click here: https://bit.ly/36UhIMQ

    Want to learn more about our in stock wigs? Click here: https://bit.ly/2NiU2tw

     Remember, this content is for beginners! I spent the better part of a year wearing wigs all around the country with just these simple tips. Which tips were most helpful for you? Let us know in the comments below for a chance at that Chic Cash in next week’s article! 

     Congratulations to Lee Heaven our $50 Chic Cash Winner for sharing and commenting on last week's blog post!


    Chic Blessings Friends,

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    Wins & Gains

    ACB Staff18 comments
     This year I found myself. I didn't spend a month in silence. I didn’t attend a class or have a great epiphany. I let go of fear.  Read that again. I bought a wig and wore it. I placed large scary orders not knowing whether or not they would sell. I got on a plane and flew by myself. I made business deals with people who I felt were way out of my league. I overcame language barriers and traveled around the country. I left my family for over a week. I did these things over and over until they no longer seemed scary to me and somehow along the way I just grew into myself.

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    Easy & Delicious Picnic Recipes

    Ashley Ryckman14 comments


    This week we have family visiting from out of town. My aunt and uncle fly in from Florida almost every summer to spend a few days with the PA crew. There’s a lot of us, so it’s usually easier to get the Florida group here than the PA group there! 

    As usual, a big picnic is being planned for this weekend so that we can all spend some time together. It’s not unusual for 30-40 people to be there. Everyone brings a dish, we sit around, eat more than we should, catch up on each other’s lives and have fun watching the kiddos play together, much like all my cousins did when we were growing up.

    An oldie, but goody! No one has any idea why we are holding garden tools. 

    With July 4th coming up, I’m betting many of you are planning something similar. If not, there’s always room for on more at our place! 

    But with the fun comes the ever frustrating task of what to bring. My aunt Donna just sent out the inevitable “let me know what you’re bringing” that always makes me go hmmm...I don’t know!

    So I dug through Pinterest and found some yummy ideas. Hopefully, we’ve made that next potluck a little easier for you, too.

    First up is a delicious spin on the ever classic coleslaw. Kristy just made this last weekend and she said her guests loved it and asked her for the recipe multiple times.

    She was able to mix up the ingredients a couple hours ahead and then put the dressing on last. It was crunchy and tangy with a little bit of sweet. The perfect companion for a BBQ!

    Corn Tomato Red Cabbage Salad

    Corn Tomato Red Cabbage Salad in a bowl with a spoon!

    If you’re the host of the picnic, this could be a really fun take on a picnic staple. Make your own hot dog bar!

    We went to a friend’s housewarming party a few years ago and they had this idea and I’ve always wanted to do it myself. 

    Pick a few recipes, make up a fun recipe board, and then just gather the ingredients. Guests can follow one of the recipes or go rogue and make their own. It makes for a really fun start to your picnic!

    Hot Dog Bar

    1000+ ideas about Hot Dog Bar on Pinterest | Hot Dog Parties, Hot ...

    Next is a slightly healthier side. It’s light, fresh and delicious. I love the mix of a perfectly ripe avocado, the heartiness of the beans, and the bit of crunch from the red onion. Top it with the lime juice and it’s perfect! 

    It’s super easy to make by just cutting up the ingredients and mixing it all together, so it’s one you can throw together in 20 minutes or less. You can serve it as a side or with chips as a chunky salsa. 



    White bowl filled with freshly tossed salad. Beverage, corn chips and blue napkin on the side.


    If you know that all the sides are covered, offer to bring a refreshing drink. This watermelon lemonade sounds like summer in a glass and I’m here for it! 

    You might want to make two batches though, because this is going to be a crowd pleaser for all ages. 


    Pink Watermelon Lemonade

    watermelon lemonade

    And to satisfy the sweet tooth, how about something that covers all the bases. Creamy pudding, crispy, tart apples and little chunks of sweet and salty Snickers bars? Yes, please! 

    This dessert is easy to make and even better to eat! It’s also one your littles would love belong to make.


    Snickers Apple Salad

    This Snickers Apple Salad is a super easy dessert salad that's great to take to potlucks, picnics, and family gatherings! It's guaranteed to be the first to go! #apple #easyrecipe #dessert #coolwhip

    What’s your favorite picnic recipe? Drop a link or recipe in the comments below for a chance for more ACB prizes! 


    Chic blessings Friends,



    Contributor/Editor: Kristy Porter



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    Who Inspires You?

    Ashley Ryckman24 comments


    You may have noticed that we’re growing in all sorts of ways here at ACB! This week, I went live on Instagram for the first time. Our Pinterest page is gaining a lot of attention.


    More products are available on our website and we have more inventory in stock than ever before! All of this growth has me constantly looking for ideas for what to conquer next. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super stressful to try so many new things, but I get so inspired by you ladies and your comments.

    Soph loves to help us get ready for a show!

    You share with us the most amazing, uplifting, sometimes heartbreaking moments in your lives. When you tell us how our show or our clothes have brought you back to life, have made you feel beautiful again, have inspired you to be the best person you can be, that’s all the inspiration I need to keep climbing this mountain!

    It’s easy to look at what we do and think it’s just shopping, that it’s just clothes and jewelry, or some other gimmick or something on Facebook. But it’s not! You all have shown me time again that we have something special here.

    The multi-billion dollar fashion industry is proof that people find value in the way clothing, accessories, and make-up can impact our lives. On some level, yes, there’s a vanity to having the latest trends and shiny new things, but I think there’s something much deeper going on here.

    The ladies that shop with us, that come back and hang out even when they know they won’t purchase something, or that share pics of their new favorites in the VIP, that tag their friends and share our videos, they all know that this is more than a shopping site.

    So many of you were able to resonate with our blog “A Really Good Cup of Coffee.” You told us how hard it is to take time for yourselves in your busy lives. You shared with us that shopping at ACB or just watching our live shows was your “me time” and that we have inspired you in so many different outlets or aspects of your life.

    I think it is incredibly important to acknowledge what inspires you, who pushes you to do more and be more than what you ever thought possible. So in addition to all of our wonderful customers, this week, I want to take a minute to both give credit and share some of my other inspirations.

    1. God

    I promise this is not the point in the blog where I beat religion into your head. But I would be doing a disservice to myself and my faith and if I didn’t mention what a big impact that has on my life. Regardless of your belief systems, if it’s something that you find comfort and revitalization from, make sure you’re taking the time to pursue it.


    2. Rachel Hollis

    It’s just interesting to me that someone you’ve never met and doesn’t even know you exist can have such a huge impact on the person that you have become. We’ve talked about her before and I even gave away copies of her books last week. But her no nonsense approach to teaching you how to pull yourself up by your bootstraps even when you want to wallow in self-pity is such an inspiration to me. We all have hard days, but it’s not a bad life. Choose to be happy.

    Follow her @msrachelhollis 

    3. Emily Benson 

    This one is probably very foreign to the majority of you. However, she is sort of boutique royalty. Her books on how to grow and scale a boutique and just how to run a business were so instrumental in my start-up. Luckily for me, she actually knows I exist! I got to meet her in person in Las Vegas at the Magic clothing show. I have to admit, I totally fangirled. And it’s not true what they say, you should totally meet your heroes. I loved every minute of it and it only motivated me more. Even if you’re not in the clothing business her Instagram stories and posts are incredibly inspirational!

    THE Emily Benson - Follow her @stylishandsuccesful

    4. My family

    I’m going to get super cliché and a little emotional for a second. In case you haven’t noticed, the majority of the people working for me and with me are my family.

    Kristy, Shawn, Samantha, and Val, and let’s face it, Danae, Tracy, and Megan are practically family anyway! Both of my moms. My dad who will occasionally pop on a live show just to cause chaos. I would not be the person or the entrepreneur I am today if it wasn’t for them. Not only do they listen to my complaints when I’m feeling down and my excitement when I’m having a great day, they support me 100%. I absolutely could not do this without them.

    Photoshoot Day! (Danae, Me, Kristy, and Sam)

    I am striving to renvision the shopping experience, to inspire my customers to love how they look, to choose happiness, to lift others up, as well as themselves. I appreciate each of you that have come along on this journey. And now, I want to know what or who inspires you? Maybe send them this blog and let them know how important they are to you.

    Chic blessing Friends,

    Contributor/Editor: Kristy Porter


    Come shop with us! Here's this week's schedule:


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    5 Little Changes

    Ashley Ryckman11 comments


    Sometimes our goals seem so big, so daunting, and so far away, it’s hard to stay motivated. You know what you want to achieve, but doing what it takes to get there is so difficult. How many times have you committed to losing 10 lbs., to keeping a cleaner house, to starting that hobby you’ve always wanted to try? Next week, we tell ourselves. After I get past this really busy time in my life, I swear. But one excuse leads to two, and those goals just keep drifting out of reach.


    But this business has taught me a thing or two about setting goals. Within big goals, are a lot of little changes. And most of the time, those little changes are way less scary than you think, and way easier, too. When I started out, I set these big goals of what I wanted my business to be. I wanted it to be different than any other shopping experience. I wanted it to be fun, both for me and my customers. I wanted to change the way people thought of buying clothes and accessories online, and I wanted to do it with kindness and inspiration and a lot of laughter. But all that went into just the start-up was so overwhelming. I told myself I needed to start making some changes. If I was going to have it all, the business, the family, the fun, I had to get it together like never before.

    Little changes led to more little changes. I played around with my schedule, making sure I carved out valuable time with my kids and my husband. I made sure my business was separate enough to keep me sane and close enough to keep me connected to them. Thank goodness Shawn is so stinkin’ talented and literally transformed our garage into a beautiful boutique nearly overnight. And of course, Sam helped add the Chic to our boutique with her crafty decorating skills. But every big step, I’ve realized, was full of little steps of change.

    Here are 5 little changes I’ve either already implemented or am making now:

    1. Drink a glass of water first thing every morning!

    The science on this is pretty clear. After being asleep for hours, your body needs to be rehydrated. There’s a lot of evidence that making this little change in your life can boost your mood, your metabolism, and aid in digestion. And since drinking water can trick your body into feeling less hungry, it could be a great addition to portion control goals first thing in the morning. 

    More from this BusinessInsider article.


    2. Get a planner and write in it every day!






    How many of you out there use planners? This is the best little change I ever made. Pick a time of day that works for you - right when you wake up, when you get home from work, or before you go to bed. But write in your planner every, single day. Jot down appointments or events coming up in your life. Include even little things you’d like to get done, laundry on Wednesday, picking up a gift for your mother-in-law while you’re grocery shopping on Sunday, watching Ashely’s Chic Boutique...well, every day! Even on the days when you can’t think of anything you need to do, write yourself a note of encouragement. Write something funny that happened or something that made you smile. It’s sort of like journaling, but journaling that keeps you super motivated and productive.

    My absolute favorite and the one I use is this one:

    Affiliate Link:


    (*Affiliate link means that we at ACB earn a very small commission for providing our customers with links to products we recommend. There is no fee to you, our customers.)

    And here are a couple others that I know friends of mine like, too: 



    3. Make lists! Cross them off!

    Lists follow me everywhere I go - on my desk, to the grocery store, on my nightstand, shoved in my purse. There’s just something so motivating about writing things down and then getting to cross them off when I’m done. I’ve been known to write things down that I’ve already done just so I get the satisfaction of crossing them off. Sometimes I write myself lists of things I want to get done months or even years from now and then stick them in my planner for safekeeping and a good reminder.

    And anything worth doing is worth doing with style. So check out a couple cute list makers to keep handy everywhere you might need them:



    4. Give compliments freely!

    I love this one! It can be someone you know or a total stranger, but make a conscious effort to say something nice to someone else every day. This has a multitude of benefits on your life. Giving compliments makes that person feel seen and appreciated. And in turn, will make you feel good for making them feel good. When my daughter Sophia was around three, she pointed at a woman walking by our table at a restaurant and said, “She’s beautiful!” The woman was probably in her mid-50’s, her slightly gray hair was pulled back neatly, not much make-up and dressed in semi-casual clothes one might wear for a nice dinner out. My point is, she wasn’t a 20-something supermodel straight out of a magazine or anything. At hearing Soph’s compliment, the woman lit up, like literally, her smile and blush made her skin just glow with surprise and joy. She barely pushed out a thank you as Soph shrugged and moved on, not expecting anything in return. It was a moment to make anyone pause. We all need to do a little more of that for others, and hopefully they will do the same.


    5. Appreciate the day!

    This one is tough sometimes. We get caught up on to-do lists, frustrations and obligations. Just life, right? But I think this one is a powerful little change. Look for something each day to be grateful for. As you rush out of the door to work, take a deep breath. I love the smell of summer mornings! Stare at your napping kiddo just an extra second longer. Give your significant other a longer than usual squeeze. (I read once that 30 second hugs can significantly improve your mood.) Whatever you pause on, make a mental note that this moment is good and you’re grateful for it. It makes the tough stuff so much easier to bare!

    Your ACB Blog assignment this week is to make a little change. It can be from this list or one you make yourself! But we want to hear about it! Comment below and share the blog with others you think would love a little change! And check in at our live shows and tell us how the little change is going!

    I can’t wait to read your responses!

    Chic Blessings friends,



    Contributor/Editor: Kristy Porter



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